Helane Morrison is a wonderful a lady of a kind with qualities to serve and to deliver to fulfill the tasks given. She eventually graduated with a B.S degree in journalism and later attained a juristic doctor diploma. While still in school she became the editor-in-chief of California law review. After school, she then worked […]

How Did Bustle.com Review Wen By Chaz?

The review of Wen by Chaz in Bustle is something that everyone needs to read. There are a lot of people on facebook who are going to see their hair shed and get thinner every day, but they are going to have major problems if they are not using the right shampoo. Wen by Chaz […]

Talk Fusion Launches New Video Product

Talk Fusion is proud to announce its latest video product, the WebRTC Recorder. This product is a browser-based real-time communication product that allows users to record high-quality videos. You can then attach these videos to the Video Email and Video Newsletter products using either the Chrome or Firefox browsers. What is great about this newest […]

Moving Forward Past Scandals

For many people, scandals are the defining part of the person’s career. Often times, this results in people losing their good reputation. For this reason, it is very important that one knows how to recover and move on from the scandal. A lot of people can’t recover from their own digital reputation crises. Fortunately, there […]

A Profile of Historian Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber currently resides in the Philadelphia area, with his family. Zomber is a very well known collector of various old weapons. Interestingly, despite being a collector of weapons, he does a lot of work to end armed conflicts. He is active with a variety of different anti-war organizations. He is very well known for […]

Thor Halvorssen’s Mission To Rid The World Of Tyranny Is A Personal One

As the descendant of several historically significant figures including Cristobal Mendoza and Simon Bolivar its no wonder that Thor Halvorssen is an emphatic and deeply passionate human rights activist. His family history instilled in Halvorssen the belief that freedom is non negotiable and any instance of it being threatened or taken away is unacceptable. It […]

Talk Solution Business Marketing and the CEO Bob Reina

Idea is vital but it cannot be said to be successful until it is implemented. It is with the quench of helping entrepreneurs to realize their dreams that Talk solution was coined. The company is focused on helping business people to realize their objectives through marketing their ideas via video emails. Video marketingĀ is one of […]